Rotisserie Kit For Primo JR200 Bundle





Rotisserie Kit For Primo JR200

Thinking of hosting a rotisserie BBQ party? This rotisserie kit for the Primo JR200 is the ultimate addition to your Primo J200 grill. With a durable frame and made of stainless steel, this accessory is built to last and can hold large amounts of meat making it one of the best on the market.

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3 Sided Basket for Primo Grills Rotisserie

Whether you are cooking multiple cuts of fish, beef, or poultry, or even adding vegetables to your rotisserie meal, these baskets are a must-have if you’re a regular rotisserie goer. We recommend investing to add practicality and versatility to your grilling sessions, especially those that involve a rotisserie.

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Kebab Holder for the Primo Grills Rotisserie

Cooking kebabs on the BBQ is the ultimate winning situation for any griller. With this rotisserie kebab holder, you can ensure a tender finish on your kebab before serving it up to your BBQ guests. Whether you're a chicken or lamb kebab lover, this is an accessory worth purchasing! Perfect for use with Primo grills, you won't regret this addition.

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98 in stock