Segovian Certified Suckling Pig Rib Racks (1.7kg) Bundle





Segovian Certified Suckling Pig Rib Racks (1.7kg)

No BBQ is complete without delicious pork ribs! Our Segovian rib racks are the perfect addition to any grill. Reared entirely on a milk diet, the meat is tender and rich all at the same time. Once cooked, the meat will melt in your mouth as you enjoy its juicy flavouring and texture.


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Oakridge Smokey Chile Lime All Purpose Rub 7 oz

Whether you're cooking fish, seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, this rub is a tasty, zingy accompionment. You can also use it as a fry seasoning, finishing dust, or a base rub. Balanced with perfect elements of salt and smoky undertones, this rub provides a delicious citrus pop along with a classic BBQ flavour.

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Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub 6 oz

Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub is a rich, complex, savoury rub seasoned with just the right amount of heat and sweetness. Due to the use of twelve carefully selected exotic herbs and spices, you can enjoy a totally unique flavour profile for your grilled chicken and pork.

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