Suckling Lamb Racks (1kg) Bundle





Suckling Lamb Racks (1kg)

The perfect size for a couple to share, these delectable lamb racks are melt in the mouth delicious. We only supply the best quality meat farmed sustainably on organic farms. Simply grill the lamb with your favourite seasoning or cook and add to a meat dish of your choice.


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Oakridge Santa Maria Grill Seasoning 5 oz

Santa Maria Grill Seasoning is Oakridge's take on a classic California taste. A new level of flavor has been added to the fabled Santa Maria grill seasoning. Garlic, pepper, and spicy chilies combine with natural sea salt and special herbs and spices for a savoury/spicy/sweet balance.

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Oakridge Habanero Death Dust 6 oz

If you love spice, this is the rub for you. Oakridge Signature Habanero Death Dust delivers a mighty punch of chilli along with a delicious smoky taste. You can use this rub on any cut of meat or vegetables before BBQ’in for a fiery kick!

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