Traeger Ironwood 650 Bundle





Traeger Ironwood 650

OFFER: 4 Free Bags Of Pellets With This Grill

Achieve legendary BBQ status with the Traeger Ironwood 650. With 650 square inches of cooking space this grill suits virtually any household and can handle larger BBQ parties with ease. Wi-Fi control is included with this grill meaning keeping constant temperature throughout those long low and slow cooks will be a breeze and the results, mouth-watering!

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Traeger Ironwood 650 Full-Length Grill Cover

Keep your Ironwood 650 protected with an all-weather resistant full-length cover. From sun and wind, to rain and snow, this heavy-duty cover will guard your grill from the elements with relentless resolve. If you want to protect your grill from even the harshest of UK weathers this is the cover for you.

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Traeger  Folding Front Shelf – Pro 575/Ironwood 650

Create a handy prep station on your Traeger Pro 575 or Ironwood 650 grill by adding a Folding Front Shelf. Made of durable steel, this shelf is simple to install and gives you space to place cutting boards, utensils, and even a cold beverage. The shelf folds away when not in use, and still leaves room to place a grill cover over.

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