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Traeger Pro 575

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The Traeger Pro 575 is one of the best all round pellet grills money can buy. With a thick steel construction, fantastic build quality and  oozing with technology this is one of the best pound for pound pellet BBQ grills on the market. This BBQ will easily hold temperature all year round delivering legendary BBQ every time!

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Traeger  Folding Front Shelf – Pro 575/Ironwood 650

Create a handy prep station on your Traeger Pro 575 or Ironwood 650 grill by adding a Folding Front Shelf. Made of durable steel, this shelf is simple to install and gives you space to place cutting boards, utensils, and even a cold beverage. The shelf folds away when not in use, and still leaves room to place a grill cover over.

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Traeger BBQ Spatula

Our Traeger BBQ Spatula will be your most trusted sidekick when you’re Traegering every day. With sturdy stainless steel construction and a teak wood handle, you’ll be able to count on it for years to come.

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