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We won't be beaten

Best value for money promise

Don't waste your money

We promise our customers the very best value BBQ smokers. Our Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills BBQ smokers are a fraction of the price of competitors, are just as feature-rich and have a superior build quality.

5 Year Guarantee

Solid as a rock

Our BBQ smokers are built to last and really are as solid as a rock.  We’re happy to put our money where our mouth is, and so all of of BBQ smokers come with an industry-leading 5-year, peace of mind guarantee.

Something for everyone

We're here for everyone

With our amazing selection of BBQ smokers, there's something for everyone - from beginners to competition winners. Our BBQ smokers are super easy to use and produce some of the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted.

dont waste your money on a standard bbq

When you’re looking around the BBQ showrooms, it's easy to be lured into buying a standard gas BBQ. They seem really easy to use and are extremely shiny.

Don't do it. You’re paying more for less.

Less flavour, less versatility, less ability and less quality. With a BBQ smoker, you can do so much more and with our Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills BBQ smokers, you have 8-in-1 cooking versatility. You can grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue, or chargrill to perfection.

So, with all these options available to you, why on earth would you pay more for less? A rumour started by standard BBQ sellers is that BBQ smokers are hard to use and take far more time. This may have been the case with traditional offset BBQ smokers, but with our amazing range of pellet smokers, it’s never been easier. You’ll get all the convenience and ease of use of a traditional gas BBQ, with all the benefits and most mouth-watering flavour of a competition-winning BBQ smoker.

As always, if you need any advice, feel free to call us anytime on 0333 050 8938.

the buff bbq difference

Buff BBQ are the BBQ smoker specialists offering you great value, quality and service when it comes to anything BBQ smoker related.

Buff BBQ was created after realising the market in the UK wasn’t diverse enough to allow potential buyers the best choice. When it came to buying a BBQ smoker, your options were either alarmingly cheap or wildly expensive.

The cheap and cheerful smokers are generally worth more as scrap metal then they are as a BBQ smoker, and the most time you’ll ever spend with this kind of BBQ is when you assemble it. The extremely expensive ones, well, they just aren’t worth the money. These are brands that are clearly taking advantage of the lack of availability in the UK. Buff BBQ promises its customers that it will only stock the highest quality and best value for money BBQ smokers on the market. We love to talk about anything BBQ smoker related, so you can call us anytime for some honest, impartial advice, even if you're not buying a BBQ smoker from us!

If you need any advice or have any queries, feel free to call us anytime on 0333 050 8938.

From beginners to competition winners

Here at Buff BBQ, we have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for something small and portable, something for those big BBQ parties or just feeding the family, we’ve got you covered. Our amazing range of Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills BBQ smokers will give you everything you've ever needed from a BBQ smoker and more. Our mouth-watering recipes will make sure you get the very best from your BBQ smoker and will have everyone at the party wondering how you’ve produced better than restaurant quality food. We are also fully stocked with supplies of BBQ smoker pellets and accessories, so we can say with confidence that no matter what you need for your BBQ, we’ve got your back.

If you need any advice or have any queries, feel free to call us anytime on 0333 050 8938. 

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